The most wonderful time of the year!


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Christmas is the most wonderful time of year here in Cape May! 

The West Cape May Christmas Parade is an amazingly joyful small town event that is not to miss. This year the parade is scheduled for December 5th.  Other events include Cape May's tree lighting ceremony and community caroling as well as the annual Hospitality Night which takes place on Dec 10th and 11th.  On these nights, Washington Street Mall merchants give back to the community by opening their doors and offering patrons a treat and a beverage while they shop.

Check out this short video of a recent Hospitality Night event!


Visit with Father Christmas at Whale's Tale

Father Christmas himself makes his annual appearance at the Whale's Tale on Dec. 11th 5-9pm and Dec. 12th 11-3pm.   He will be visiting and available for pictures so come young and old and bring your cameras! 


Holiday Decorations

Cape May is fabulous when she is decked in her holiday finest. The Washington Street Mall is dotted with lights, greenery, and decorations, and the historic homes and hotels around our town each decorate in a unique way.


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Tessoro jewelry

Deborah Bushinski is the artist and founder of Tessoro Jewelry.  With a dedication to using environmentally friendly materials, and a unique mix of color, texture, and composition, Deborah's pieces are truly original.  We are excited to present you with an inside look into the Tessoro studio, as well as the creative process itself!
How did you get started?
It all started with birchbark about 30 years ago when, as a painter, I designed and crafted some birch jewelry that I painted directly on to. Over the next years during a marketing career, jewelry developed in the side lines. After receiving much encouragement from family and friends in 1998 Tessoro was launched.

Where is your studio located?
Tessoro jewelry is entirely made in Minnetonka, Minnesota, in our home based studio with the help of a small production team.  I love the commute each morning!

Can you take us through your creative process?
The process starts with harvesting the birchbark, salvage from the logging industry of Northern Minnesota. The bark is cleaned and weighted for 3-6 months before being used in Tessoro designs.

Each design requires a different thickness or color of bark and/or lichen so the selection is very important. 

The desired shape is cut or torn. 
In some designs re-purposed copper from car radiators is applied or, as in the Etruscan collection, gold leaf. 
The designs are finished off with acrylic polymer to seal the application of hammered metals and gemstones.
What inspires your collections?
In my years of designing jewelry, inspiration has come from many sources.  Being involved with fashion has always excited me. I am inspired by runway designers and glean much out of viewing a designer's collection as a whole. It always reminds me to be concise about my vision. Having my jewelry designs included in how a woman chooses to dress is an honor.

Nature with its perfect colors/textures and light/dark contrasts has always proven to be an excellent teacher, indirectly informing my design decisions.

Traveling always opens up a new perspective for me and experiencing a sense of place very often inspires me to embody the essence of it in a collection.

Alexander Calder's wire jewelry has also been very inspiring. The beauty and art he created with simple materials is amazing.

Regardless of the source of inspiration, I have always taken a very playful approach to designing.  Beginning with a concept in mind, the materials always are suggestive of a solution, and often deliver unexpected surprises!

We can't wait to see what inspires her next... thank you Deborah!
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Michou has been turning inspiration into art for over 25 years, marrying contemporary jewelry design with centuries-old techniques to create a distinctive collection that is uniquely Michou. Michou calls its jewelry “Art to Wear,” and indeed each piece is a diminutive sculpture created with exquisite, one-of-a kind details: Tiny, gleaming hinges that move between fluid elements of filigree, granulation, scrollwork, or reppousse; Luscious, 22K gold vermeil accents; Vibrant, faceted stones set against gleaming sterling silver, polished bright or brushed to proprietary pearlescent finish.


The secret? Exceptional designs created in Michou’s Lake Tahoe, CA studio, then handcrafted with ingenious skill by artisans on the lush tropical island of Bali, famous for entire families of jewelry artists who pass their time-honored techniques from generation to generation.


Founder Michele Sonner has spent extensive time in Bali, absorbing these ancient methods and collaborating with Balinese factories to implement a vision that blends these methods with contemporary design and modern tools. The result is a diverse collection of incredible jewelry. “We’ve been working with Balinese artisans for over 20 years,” says Sonner. “This work is truly an act of art to these master craftsmen. Everything they do has soul.”


Michou’s Art to Wear jewelry is perfect for every occasion, with dramatic pieces born of inspired vision and lovingly brought to life, suitable for both night and day. “I create collections that women can connect with and embrace,” says Sonner. “Each piece is ageless, filled with heart so that it actually becomes part of the woman who wears them.”
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