Michou has been turning inspiration into art for over 25 years, marrying contemporary jewelry design with centuries-old techniques to create a distinctive collection that is uniquely Michou. Michou calls its jewelry “Art to Wear,” and indeed each piece is a diminutive sculpture created with exquisite, one-of-a kind details: Tiny, gleaming hinges that move between fluid elements of filigree, granulation, scrollwork, or reppousse; Luscious, 22K gold vermeil accents; Vibrant, faceted stones set against gleaming sterling silver, polished bright or brushed to proprietary pearlescent finish.


The secret? Exceptional designs created in Michou’s Lake Tahoe, CA studio, then handcrafted with ingenious skill by artisans on the lush tropical island of Bali, famous for entire families of jewelry artists who pass their time-honored techniques from generation to generation.


Founder Michele Sonner has spent extensive time in Bali, absorbing these ancient methods and collaborating with Balinese factories to implement a vision that blends these methods with contemporary design and modern tools. The result is a diverse collection of incredible jewelry. “We’ve been working with Balinese artisans for over 20 years,” says Sonner. “This work is truly an act of art to these master craftsmen. Everything they do has soul.”


Michou’s Art to Wear jewelry is perfect for every occasion, with dramatic pieces born of inspired vision and lovingly brought to life, suitable for both night and day. “I create collections that women can connect with and embrace,” says Sonner. “Each piece is ageless, filled with heart so that it actually becomes part of the woman who wears them.”

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  • Collin Pritchard