Sixth Annual Sea Glass Celebration

Please join us from 12-4pm on Thursday, August 8th at Splash as we host our sixth annual Sea Glass Celebration!
Jewelry designers Janet Payne and Christine Gable Epstein will be on hand with their latest works and to discuss their craft.
Whether you are a seasoned sea glass lover or new to the search, an afternoon with these sea glass artists is sure to inspire you to take a walk on the beach!
Local West Cape May artist, Janet Payne uses sterling silver and freshwater pearls to offer a simple elegance to her sea glass jewelry. Janet takes her inspiration from the size, shape and color of each piece of sea glass. She walks the beaches of Cape May everyday in search of the sea glass and Cape May diamonds she uses in her jewelry. Janet is an advocate of #2minutebeachclean on instagram and always picks up trash on her daily walks and encourages others to do so as well.
Christine Gable Epstein is the designer behind Oceano Sea Glass. Her meticulous craftsmanship and graceful design have made her a customer favorite. All of the sea glass used in her jewelry has been collected from pristine beaches in Puerto Rico and is not altered, cut, or conditioned in any way. Each piece is imbued with a bit of history, a splash of color and the spirit of the sea. Christine will be bringing an assortment of her rarest finds and show-stopping designs.
What is Sea Glass?
Sea glass is a shard of glass that has been discarded and found its way into the ocean waters through rivers, tides or carelessness. The tides and waves tumble the shard with the natural sand and salt of the sea. Years of this natural action of the sea and sand create a frosted, smoothed gem of incredible beauty. The shapes of sea glass are at the whim of the ocean. The color is greatly varied as well, sea glass comes in as many colors as glass itself.

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  • Collin Pritchard