Product Description

Paige Cunningham and Janet Payne are art educators and community art advocates who live in Cape May and have facilitated community art projects in Cape May County since 2007.  Both feel strongly that art can create community.  This collaborative book project is an outgrowth of this shared feeling.

Two years, 1000 hours, 28 canvases, 1,792 squares, 100 photos, 200 emails, 50 walk and talks, 45 events and a community later the Cape May A to Z book was published!!  Paige and Janet believe that art has a way of bringing people together, making people laugh, and healing people.  We think this fun kids book accomplishes all of these things.  

Written by Paige Cunningham and Janet Payne

Illustrated by the Community of Cape May.

paperback book, 15 pages

$ 12.95