Claudia Vance - Cape May Raindrops

Claudia Vance - Cape May Raindrops
Product Description

This is Book 12 of the Cape May Series by author Claudia Vance - it is recommended to read them chronologically. 

"It's Spring in Cape May, and while the rain falls, everyone is getting ready for a big Easter weekend. 

Margaret and Liz are organizing an Easter brunch for the Seahorse Inn's guests and end up having some obstacles they hadn't bargained for. 

Judy and Bob are off on an adventure again, and this time it involves the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. 

While Sarah finally works up the nerve to confront Chris about her ring, a run-in with his ex-wife causes even more drama. 

Donna is expecting the difficulty of studying for classes during a kitchen renovation, while Dale's restaurant is turning into a poorly run mess. 

Liz and Greg realize that their sons, Michael and Steven, are suddenly interested in more than just sports and video games when they start bringing girls over to hang out."

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